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Wall Mount Bottle Opener MNPS085
DIY Braided Leather Keychain MNPS095
365 Days Calendar MNPS084
Card Tool MNPS099
Reflective Running Belt MNPS089
Ventilation Phone Holder (rotation) MNPS086

Myriad & Partners (HK) Ltd is a manufacturing and exporting company based in Hong Kong, with production plant in Mainland China. MNPS offers variety of economical options for a multiple packaging solutions for our buyers throughout the world. We provide a broad range of printing items, includes paper carrier bags, rigid gift boxes, flyers, calendars, notebooks, notepads, dome stickers, non-woven bags, Recycled PET bags, PE plastic bags…..,etc.


Beside, our sourcing team offers a One Stop service for variety of promotional products to our clients, we are totally committed to providing innovative and cost effective promotional products. If the item is out there we will source it, and if it is not we will create it ourselves.


MNPS is your partner in Asia with the full service backup that furnish the most benefits to your projects.


Just send us email we will take care it.

Thank you.

Management of MNPS.