Eco Friendly Products


MNPS840 Glass Food Container Bamboo Lid
MNPS845 Glass Food Container Bamboo Lid
MNPS843 Glass Food Container
MNPS844 Glass Food Container
MNPS841 Glass Food Container
MNPS842 Glass Food Container
MNPS851 Stainless Steel Lunch Box
MNPS849 Stainless Steel Lunch Box
MNPS850 Stainless Steel Lunch Box
MNPS846 Stainless Steel Lunch Box
MNPS847 Stainless Steel Lunch Box
MNPS848 Stainless Steel Lunch Box
MNPS853 Bamboo Fiber Lunch Box
MNPS852 Bamboo Fiber Lunch Box
MNPS854 Bamboo Fiber Lunch Box
MNPS855 Plastic Lunch Box Bamboo Lid
MNPS856 Bamboo Fiber Tableware
MNPS857 Bamboo Fiber Coffee Cup
MNPS859 Plush (Global Recycled Standard)
MNPS858 Plush (Global Recycled Standard)
MNPS860 Plush (Global Recycled Standard)
MNPS863 Wooden Toy (FSC Certified)
MNPS866 Wooden Toy (FSC Certified)
MNPS865 Wooden Toy (FSC Certified)
MNPS861 Wooden Toy (FSC Certified)
MNPS864 Wooden Toy (FSC Certified)
MNPS862 Wooden Toy (FSC Certified)
MNPS903 Woodfree Color Pencils
MNPS904 Woodfree Color Pencils
MNPS905 Woodfree Color Pencils
MNPS906 Wooden Pencil (FSC Certified)
MNPS907 Wooden Crayon (FSC Certified)
MNPS911 Pen (made out of Bamboo barrel)
MNPS908 Pen (made out of paper barrel)
MNPS909 Pen (made out of paper barrel)
MNPS910 Pen (made out of paper barrel)
MNPS912 Pen (made out of cork paper barrel)
MNPS914 Pen (made out of Husk fiber barrel)
MNPS915 Pen (made out of Husk fiber barrel)
MNPS935 Bamboo Loudspeaker
MNPS936 Bamboo Cutlery Set
MNPS937 Bamboo Cutlery Set
MNPS868 Bamboo Toothbrush
MNPS867 Bamboo Toothbrush
MNPS869 Bamboo Toothbrush
MNPS870 Wooden Cutlery Set
MNPS871 Wooden Cutlery Set
MNPS872 Bamboo Drinking Straw
MNPS874 Wooden iPad Stand
MNPS873 Wooden Collapsible Stand
MNPS878 Wooden Remote Holder
MNPS875 Bamboo Household Kitchenware
MNPS877 Bamboo Household Kitchenware
MNPS876 Bamboo Household Kitchenware
MNPS881 Tote Bag (made of RPET)
How is Recycled Plastic (Recycled PET) made of
MNPS882 Tote Bag (made of RPET)
MNPS883 Shopping Bag (made of RPET)
MNPS884 Shopping Bag (made of RPET)
MNPS886 Shopping Bag (made of RPET)
MNPS889 Tote Bag (made of PLA Cornstarch)
MNPS887 Tote Bag (made of PLA Cornstarch)
MNPS888 Tote Bag (made of RPET)
MNPS891 Jute Bag
MNPS890 Jute Bag
MNPS892 Jute Bag
MNPS897 Tote Bag (made of Kraft Paper)
MNPS896 Hand Bag (made of Kraft Paper)
MNPS895 Cosmetic Bag (made of Kraft Paper)
MNPS894 Organic Cotton Bag (GOTS, GRS, OEKO-TEX Standard)
MNPS893 Organic Cotton Bag (GOTS, GRS, OEKO-TEX Standard)
MNPS898 Cosmetic Bag (made of TPU)
MNPS917 100% Natural Facial Puff
MNPS916 100% Natural Facial Puff
MNPS918 100% Natural Facial Puff
MNPS922 RPET Bath (Exfoliating) Gloves
MNPS923 RPET Bath (Exfoliating) Gloves
MNPS924 RPET Bath (Exfoliating) Gloves
MNPS899 PEVA Raincoat
MNPS901 Reuseable Polyester Raincoat
MNPS902 Disposable Poncho (made of PE+EPI or PLA corn starch)